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How do you find the best criminal lawyer to handle your criminal charge in British Columbia, particularly in the Surrey and Greater Vancouver areas? The Surrey criminal lawyers at Stern Shapray Criminal Lawyers provide effective, professional and skilled legal representation in the area of criminal defence law.

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As criminal lawyers, we represent persons charged with all criminal and quasi-criminal offences. We have successfully acted on behalf of numerous clients facing serious complex criminal charges. In addition to people from all walks of life, our clients have included teachers, lawyers, politicians (a sitting MLA), doctors, professional athletes, a rock star and a major film star.

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Delay in Criminal Courts – R v. Jordan, [2016] 1 SCR 631 by Stephanie Head

Delay in Criminal Courts – R v. Jordan, [2016] 1 SCR 631 by Stephanie Head

16th August 2017

The right to trial within a reasonable time has long been enshrined in section 11(b) of the Charter. What the Courts considered to be reasonable was always subject to the circumstances of the matter, varying from case to case. The SCC’s recent decision in R v. Jordan, [2016] 1 SCR 631, however, has completely changed the landscape of the section 11(b) right and finally solidified the definition of a “reasonable time”. The Jordan decision, created […]Read More

Is the evidence against you admissible? It may depend on the reasonableness of the search and seizure.

Is the evidence against you admissible? It may depend on the reasonableness of the search and seizure.

17th February 2015

If you are looking to hire the best criminal lawyer in Surrey for your case, you need to make sure to hire a skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyer who is familiar with the laws of evidence. It is often said that the outcome of a trial depends on the specific facts of each case. It is also true that the outcome often depends on what admissible evidence is accepted as fact in each case.  The best criminal […]Read More

What are the consequences of criminal conviction?

What are the consequences of criminal conviction?

5th February 2015

If jail time is served following a conviction on criminal charges there are a number of losses you may experience – the most obvious one being a loss of personal freedom. Jail time can also mean a loss of income during that period, as well as the lost opportunity to develop in your personal and professional life. Although a criminal conviction does not necessarily lead to time in jail, there are many other consequences to […]Read More

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